Dragon and Goat

Dragon and Goat is the flagship series of Adam’s work in comic, now spanning 7 volumes.  The series is now a full color, full-page comic, but it began in the daily newspaper as a four-panel comic, running for six years- five days a week. Visit dragonandgoat.com to find out more.

BookPicRebooting the Dragon and Goat series as a full-page comic, The S’Parktacular S’Particles picks up with Dragon and Goat now living in Chicago. Bored between free-lance dragooning gigs, Dragon tags along with Goat to Argonne National Laboratory where Goat is a Research Intern, but when Dragon goes off exploring on his own the universe nearly unfolds and out pop the S’Parktacular S’Particles.

Printed: 48 pages, 8″ x 10″ Perfect-bound, full-color interior ink.

Dragon and Goat: Pi-Rat IslandPi-Rat Island

Dragon and Goat seek treasure on the high seas and discover a dark and powerful totem that is the key to Mathemagic©!

Fotopia Press 2010. 48 pages, 8 x 10in Perfect-bound, full-color interior ink.



Snowball’s Chance

Take a stroll into the Underworld with Snowball’s Chance as Dragon and Goat get dragged into the bowels of hell by a sinister spongi-form demon.

Fotopia Press 2009. 80 pages, 7.4 x 9.7in Perfect-bound. Full-color interior ink.


Dragon and Goat Goes to Washington

On the heels of the 2008 presidential campaign, Dragon and Goat venture to the nation’s capitol to defeat any evil nemesis and a deranged lame-duck.

Fotopia Press 2009. Printed: 56 pages, 7.4” × 9.7” Saddle-stitch binding. Full-color interior ink.


Journey East

Dragon and Goat head to China where Goat competes on Team USA’s shuffleboard squad and Dragon learns a new trick of his own.

Fotopia Press 2008. 68 pages, 7.4 x 9.7in, perfect-bound binding, full-color interior ink.



An Utter Dimension

As the second Dragon and Goat anthology, An Utter Dimension compiles the daily comic strips that first appeared in the Fall 2006 until Summer 2007.

Fotopia Press 2007. 76 pages, 7.4 x 9.7in, perfect binding, full-color interior ink.



Into the Jelly

From the arrival of a mini-Chairman Mao to Dragon’s battle with the bird flu, Into the Jelly anthologizes all the strips from China and the first year run in the Daily Illini.

Fotopia Press 2006. 72 pages, 6 x 9in, perfect binding, full-color interior ink.

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