Countdown to Fotokyoto

So it’s a month away- my trip to Japan, where I’ll be living in Kyoto (京都) immersed in Japanese language and culture.  Japan has always hovered on the horizon of my psychic geography as a place of wonder, yet never having ventured to the country, my experience of it is entirely imaginary.  With this trip I aim to experience a “Real” Japan and all the complications and wonder that come along with trying to understand a place as a foreigner.

To a great extent this Imaginary Japan that I hope to pop has been created through Japanese popular culture: toys, anime, and manga (Japanese comics), so as I explore what it’s actually like in Japan, living in Kyoto, I’ll be making my own comics about everyday experiences.  These graphic essays will hopefully help me negotiate the boundary between the Imaginary and the Real, and see on the other side of the Paper Wall.

So what are the comics gonna look like?  Take a look at one of my autobiographical comics:  CLICK

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